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Call for Abstracts
Abstracts due by November 13, 2018, 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time

Conference Dates: May 6-8, 2019

May 6: Pre-Conference Training Courses, UtilitiesConnect and Opening Reception
May 7: Conference Sessions
May 8: Conference Sessions

Location: Hyatt Regency Lake Washington, Renton, WA

Learning a la Carte

The Association of Energy Services Professionals invites abstracts for 360° panel discussions, Learning Labs, classroom style trainings, and Story Slams for its annual Spring Conference & Expo. The program committee looks forward to reviewing new abstracts that have not been presented before and ones that showcase the latest thinking, best practices and trends impacting the industry. Conference attendees will have three tracks to choose from, each covering important industry topics in different formats. Speakers can propose the presentation format that will best convey their topics.  The guidelines below will help increase your chances of being accepted.

-          Explain in your abstract how you will Include an interactive element in your presentation

-          A minimum of three actionable key takeaways must be included in your abstract

-          Abstracts that appear to be selling a product or service will not be accepted

-          AESP doesn’t limit the number of abstracts submitted by a company, however the program planning committee limits each company to two accepted speakers to ensure a wide representation of companies and perspectives

AESP's Spring Conference features the following session formats:

·       Classroom Style Training – features up to three training presentations focused on a specific topic. PowerPoint presentations and instructional handouts are required.

·       360° Panel Discussions – consists of up to four panelists, each with a different perspective on a hot topic in the energy industry. This session format will promote lively discussion, with different perspectives on a single topic. PowerPoints not required.

·       Learning Labs – feature audience discussions and working groups. Workshop sessions require up to two leaders who will work closely with attendees to facilitate discussion and complete small projects. Instructional handouts are required. No PowerPoint and AV is not available for this learning format.

·       Story Slam - AESP members may now be on the same journey as energy professional but we know there are many different steps, pathways, and stories, within this journey. No PowerPoint and AV is not available for this learning format.

This year's Spring Conference will offer a broad range of topics covering all major energy services disciplines, including Program Design and Implementation, Evaluation, Marketing, Technology as well as specific program types like Multifamily, Moderate Income and Small business.

Program Design & Implementation

-          IDSM Program Design and Implementation  

-          Innovative Program Design

-          Integrated Design EE/DR/DER-utility cross department collaboration

-          Innovations in Multi-Family Small Business and Moderate-Income Programs

Research and Evaluation

-          Best Practices in Evaluation, Measurement and Verification

-          Innovation in Evaluation

-          Basic to Advanced Cost Effectiveness Techniques



DSM Business Issues and Models

-          Load Disaggregation – successes and failures

-          Electrification

-          Non-Wire Solutions and EE

-          Changing Utility Business Models/Rate Design



Marketing & Communications

-          Enhancing the customer experience

-          Innovative Marketing Strategies





-          Distributed Energy Resources – Behind the Meter

-          Emerging Technologies – Gas and Electric

-          Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles and Incentives

-          Transactive Energy/Blockchain



Professional Development

-          Design Thinking and DSM

-          Leadership

-          Networking

-          Written and Oral Communication

-          Diversity and Inclusion

-          Virtual Teams

* Please do not submit an abstract until you have received travel approval and confirmed that the speaker(s) is approved to attend

Abstract Submission Requirements:

Video Submission – The Program Planning Committee will view speaker video links and clips to evaluate presentation skills. Please submit clips or links that demonstrate the speaker’s ability to communicate effectively and engage with the audience. Video clips are encouraged but not required.

Topic Categories – Please select the category that covers your abstract topic. 

Session Type/Format – Please select from the four available session types. Descriptions of each session type are below:

Classroom Style Training Sessions: Features up to three training presentations on a specific topic in a 75-minute session.  The Program Planning Committee will build the sessions based on the ideas presented in the abstracts. These sessions are expected to provide real, practical and hands on use of tools and techniques. Trainers are required to provide a PowerPoint presentation and instructional handouts.

360 Panel Discussions: Speakers in these sessions will illustrate a depth of knowledge in a specific topic and a perspective that adds value to the overall discussion.  These sessions will engage the audience and are appropriate for more senior level professionals. For example – A session on Smart Thermostats could include a panel with a manufacturer, an evaluator, a marketer and an implementer.  The panelists would discuss the opportunities and challenges from their unique prospective, providing the attendees with a comprehensive discussion on the topic. Abstracts should discuss the speakers background on the topic, how their prospective will add to understanding the topic, and the audience key takeaways that their knowledge and experience will provide. The session will consist of up to four panelists and a moderator.

Learning Labs: Abstracts for this session assume a full 75-minutes of content. The abstract should discuss the speaker’s knowledge and background related to the topic and his/her experience facilitating interactive and engaging workshops. Please be specific about how you plan to make the session interactive and how the attendees will work together to complete a specific task(s). The abstract should list the issues to be discussed and the tasks that will be completed during the session.

Story Slam Sessions: Storytellers have 5 minutes each to tell an interesting story drawn from your career or workplace. Stories must be told, not read (no notes allowed). It can be good, it can be bad. Tell us about the “aha” moment in your career, or a low point in it. The weirdest coincidence you encountered. How you came into energy. The most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far. Your mentor. Any musings or observations related to work are acceptable topics – so long as you deliver an entertaining and perhaps even a thought-provoking story!

The AESP Program Planning Committee reserves the right to:

  • Build unique sessions based on ideas presented in the abstracts. For example, an idea for a training may be moved into a Learning Lab on the same subject.  An idea presented in an abstract for a panel may be moved into a training. Speakers will be given an opportunity to accept or reject the reconfiguration of their abstract.
  • Accept a limited number of abstracts from the same organization/speaker. The program committee’s goal is to provide a diversity of opinions, speakers and organizations on the program agenda. Authors/organizations are encouraged to send in more than one abstract for consideration.
  • Reserve session slots for hot topics, late-breaking industry news, and/or invited speakers.


  1. All presenters must have superior presentation skills.
  2. All presenters will be required to use an AESP template for PowerPoint slides.
  3. All speakers identified in abstracts must state their availability to travel and present prior to abstract submittal.

    AESP sincerely appreciates our speakers’ efforts in developing and delivering exceptional presentations. However, AESP is not able to pay speaker fees or travel/lodging expenses but does offer speakers a significant discount for their conference registrations.

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